Ultimate Pinball Gold Antidote Entertainment / ValuSoft 2003

Take on 40 radical tables where only lightning fast reflexes will get you on the leader board. Awesome flippers, bumpers, ramps and smokin fastballs will keep the wild wrist-flicking action going for hours. Beat the board with jackpots and bonuses. Fast and furious pinball action. Plunge right into the action with simplified controls for maximum high scores. Show 'em who's champ on 40 over-the-top tables in 5 radical themes. Test your reflexes on tricked out tables, dizzying ramps & ricocheting balls. Watch the tables come to life with extreme animations including explosions, laser beams and crawling creatures. Beat the board with jackpots & bonuses. Ricochet off bumpers and spiral through ramps with authentic pinball physics. Careen through the tables in single and multi-ball frenzies.
ISO Demo 592MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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