Visual Pinball Steve Ellenoff, Tom Haukap, Martin Adrian, and Gerrit Volkenborn 2000

This is a pinball table editor where the player can design pinball tables. Choose from many different items like plungers, flippers, kickers, bumpers, ramps, lights, text displays, gates, spinners, timers, triggers, decals, and drop targets to place on the pinball table. The player can also change the table and item's size shape, the displayed graphics, and then program the logic of the table with VBScript. Once created the table can be played in true 3D from a fixed view (view angle can be set in the editor). With all this realistic recreations of existing tables or completely original designs can be created. There are thousands of tables both recreated and original are available for download across the web. Also with the extra VPinMame download, the created table can be attached to a real pinball ROM to create a realistic simulation of a modem table.
Full Demo 467MB (uploaded by Wastrel)
Various Table Downloads (uploaded by VP Universe)
Various Table Downloads (uploaded by Pinball Nirvana)
20 Top Rated Tables 180MB (uploaded by Major Geeks)

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