Avengers Pinball, The Pin-Ball Games Ltd. 1998

This pinball game for up to four players is based on the UK TV series "The Avengers" featuring the characters John Steed and Emma Peel, it starts with the introduction to the fifth series (1996) which was in colour and starts with Steed unwrapping the foil from a champagne bottle and Peel shooting the cork away. Players play as either Steed or Emma Peel, denoted in-game by the choice of car, though for at least one bonus the player swaps characters. There are in game voice clips from the player's character and in-game video sequences from the TV series which are linked to special awards. Special features are linked to the characters such as the Aperitif bonus or stopping villains plots such as Suspect Interview, Punch Ball, Defusing Russian Bombs, Death Prepares For A Guest, Shoot the Snipers, Capture The Evidence and so-on. The game is keyboard or joy-pad controlled, keyboard action keys can be redefined. It was also included as one of two tables in Pinball Revolution released in 2000.
ISO Demo 125MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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