Take A Break! Pinball Dynamix, Inc. / Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1993

This contains a set of 8 pinball tables based upon various popular Sierra games: Larry's Big Score (Leisure Suit Larry series), Lots in Space (Draxon: Level 2 - Nova 9: Return of Gir Draxon), Flipped Out Willy (The Adventures of Willy Beamish), Nova 9 (Draxon: Level 1 - Nova 9: Return of Gir Draxon), Planet Xenon in the Beginning (Planet Pinball: Level 1 - Space Quest series), Quest for Daventry (King's Quest series), Reformation Day (Planet Pinball: Level 3 - Space Quest series), Spaced Travel (Planet Pinball: Level 2 - Space Quest series).
ISO Demo 10MB (uploaded by Wastrel)
Video Review

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