11th Hour, The Trilobyte / Virgin Interactive Entertainment 1996

The 11th Hour is a puzzle computer game with a horror setting that took 4 years to produce. It is the sequel to the 1992 game The 7th Guest. It used a new graphic engine to render the game images, named the "Groovie" engine. The game takes place 70 years after the events of the first game. Robin Morales, a big time TV reporter, comes to the village of Harley to investigate the early happenings at the Stauf mansion. Upon entering the house, however, she becomes trapped in yet another of Stauf's games. Her boyfriend, Carl Dennings, will strive to rescue Robin and will be controlled by the player. Disc 1 came with wad file levels for Doom and Heretic modeled after the Stauf Mansion.

See also: Uncle Henry's Playhouse / Uncle Henry's MindBlower

Clone 4CD ISO Demo 2.26GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Installation fix v2.1
Windows Custom Installer 194.74kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
XP Setup
Windows Beta Player 223kb (uploaded by DJ OldGames)
 1  2  3  4 
GOG Digital German, English ISO Demo v. 1.33GB, 1.30GB (uploaded by Shattered)
MAC GOG Digital ISO Demo German, English v. 1.64GB, 1.60GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Video Review

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