Kao: Mystery of Volcano / Kao The Kangaroo 3 Tate Interactive / Cenega Poland 2005

Kao the Kangaroo is a hind leg-stomping, third person 3D-arcade adventure featuring an energetic marsupial with overdeveloped hindquarters and an eye for a fight. Armed with comedy-sized boxing gloves, Kao the Kangaroo hops, skips and thumps his way across 25 incredible landscapes. Game features includ 25 colourful landscapes within five completely different worlds. 20 different enemies including scary bosses, hell-bent on huntin him down, mate. Loads of vehicles for Kao to us hang gliders, motorboats, snowboards and space scooters! Dynamic camera angles and an innovative checkpoint system. Brilliantly shot real-time movies. Unique audio tracks for every level produce an intriguing playing environment and add to the seamless storyline.
Polish Level Demo 45MB (uploaded by AG.ru)
Polish ISO Demo 357MB (provided by hfric) English Text Patch 171kb (provided by crowfeathers) (uploaded by scaryfun)
English ISO Demo 328MB (uploaded by RibShark)

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