Time Stripper / Time Stripper Mako Foster / Otaku Publishing, Ltd. 1997

In Time Stripper, you play the character Shinji Nakayama a high school student who has a bad reputation of cheating on his girlfriend, Michiyo Sakagami. The story starts when your "habit" is eventually found out (again) by your girlfriend, of which you start to fight and end up breaking up. In the middle of your 'sobbing', a girl pops up out of nowhere in your room. It appears she's from the future, with personal reasons that has to do with your present love-life situation. After that, the story is in your hands. Like most hentai adventure games (interactive fiction with graphics), you get to choose the process on how the story goes. Although most of the time, either choice really makes no difference in the end. The only difference in this game, is that if you make the 'wrong' choice, you might miss out on some 'interesting' graphics.
Full Demo 4MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Browser-Playable Version (uploaded by The Asenheim Project)

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