Red Chair, The PIXIS Interactive, Inc. 1995

The Red Chair, a mystical piece of furniture that travels from location to location throughout the world, is the centerpiece of this stylish "docu-fantasy" about exotic dancers. Tracing its roots as far back as Sheba and Cleopatra, the chair is at the center of this exposé into the lives of the women who perform sensual, erotic dances on stage. The CD is replete with numerous interviews, strip dance routines, fantasy and backstage passes as the dancers share their innermost thoughts and outermost wiles with the audience. The program is intended for mature adults, 17 years and older, and features a VCR-type control system with volume slider, play or pause buttons, scene selection slider, and back or forward one-frame step options. The film takes place at the Cabaret Royale in Dallas, Texas, and consists of six QuickTime Movie files on either a PC or Macintosh. The program has an installation option or the movies can be played directly from the CD and features original music by James Neel.
Digital Erotica 3 Sampler CD-ROM containing video intros of NeuroDancer, The Red Chair, Scissors 'n' Stones, Space Sirens, Virtual Vixens, Sex & Money and Passion Files ISO Demo 81MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Digital Erotica 3

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