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Old Games Finder - Abandonware game search for PC and various other platforms.
Similar Type - Search for similar games based on gameplay, graphics, and other categories. - Biggest Russian abandonware site (most game downloads are English).
AbandonSocios - Spanish adventure abandonware site (game downloads are mixture of English and Spanish).
The Good Old Days - Abandonware site with Floppy Image collection project.
Macintosh Garden - Best abandonware site for MAC platform games (some are hybrid PC/MAC cd images).

Other Recommended Sites

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Game Information:

Adventure Gamers - adventure game news and reviews.
Just Adventure - adventure game news and reviews.
GameBoomers - adventure game news and reviews.
PC Gamer - PC game news.
Blue's News - daily compilation of news on PC games from various websites.
Game Pressure Encyclopedia - frequently updated upcoming game release dates.
Moby Games - the most extensive collection of game info on the internet.
MetaCritic - judge whether you should play a game by this accumulation of reviews from major gaming sites.
Visual Novel Database - Infos on many, mostly Japanese, visual novels including many hentai games.
Planete Aventure - French adventure games infos.
QuestZone - Russian adventure games infos.
Old Games Italia - Italian old games infos.
Kultboy - German old games infos.
FMV World - Full Motion Video games infos.
PDD's Adventure Page - Text adventure games infos.
Is There Any Deal - good resource to be notified when games go on sale, to monitor Kickstarter (crowd funding of developer games), and Steam Greenlight (fan voting for games to appear on Steam).
Co-Optimus - lists games of all platforms that have co-op mode. Playing singleplayer levels together with a friend can be highly enjoyable.
Unseen 64 - Infos on old beta versions of games, and pre-retail versions of cancelled games.
Road To VR - infos on all VR games.
Oculus VR - Virtual reality games which require the VR headset.
VR Games on Steam - Virtual reality games on Steam.

Abandonware Sites:

Squakenet - abandonware game search.
Abandonware France - French abandonware.
Monkey Games - German abandonware. - German abandonware.
Arena80 - Italian abandonware. - Hebrew abandonware.

BitTorrent Links:

Torrent Downloads.
Russian Torrent site.
The Pirate Bay - most famous Swedish torrent site.
uTorrent Client.

Underground Scene:

Scnlog / xREL / PreDB - Gamez release infos.
NfoHump - Gamez release infos. On the forums you can find answers to problems with today's games.
Defacto2 / Piracy Textfiles - has downloadable nfos of old scene releases.
Gamecopyworld / Megagames - when you want to know how to make a backup of your precious cd's.

Game Help:

Replacement Docs - great source for game manuals available for download.
Patches Scrolls - Patches to update just about any game.
Sierra Help - Help on running Sierra adventure games.
GameFAQs - Get walkthroughs, cheats, codes and FAQs on many games.
DLH - Dirty Little Helper - Solutions , cheats and tips.
Game Pressure Game Guides - Stuck on where to go in a game? Game guides will tell you those hidden secrets and strategies on how to beat a game.
Strategy Wiki - strategy guides and walkthroughs.
Emu Paradise Game Guides - more game guides.
Hentai Helper -Hentai game walkthroughs.
3dfx/Glide Compatability List / Another list - a 3D graphics API dedicated to gaming performance, supporting geometry and texture mapping that was small enough to be implemented entirely in late-1990s hardware. Glide emulation is still needed to run older games in hardware accelerated mode.
Meant To Be Seen 3D - 3D is the future of entertainment in television, movies and games. Quite a few games already have the capability of being played in stereoscopic 3D. For a list of games check out under Articles, Game Reviews. The site also gives you information on the different technologies and equipment available.
Force Feedback - Force Feedback gives you tacticle feeling in the game world of those games which are set up to support the various devices like joysticks, steering wheels, mice, helmets, vests and even expensive chairs. You can get buzzes clicks, and rumbles when you pick things up, select and fire weapons, land after jumping, feel an explosion, etc. Lists of force feedback capable games can be found here, there and also here.

Fan-Made Stuff:

ModDB - most extensive site of fan-made modifications and addons for games.
Nude Creator - for those adults of you who want a laugh or a thrill, many games inevitably have nude models of the playable characters created by fans.
Speed Demos Archive - Ever since Doom & Quake, players have uploaded videos of them completing a game in the fastest time possible. See if you can beat the record.
Games Revival - Source ports that update older games to run on more modern systems often with enhanced features.

Useful Computer Applications:

ScummVM - emulator for running LucasArts/Sierra/Humongous/Adventuresoft/Revolution/Coktel and other adventures on Windows.
AppLocale / How To Use It - launcher application that makes it possible to run non-Unicode games (good for Asian languages like Japanese and Chinese).
Kali / Unofficial Kali Headquarters / GameSpy Arcade & Arena - online game providers where you can find game servers and also allow for ipx-emulation.
Discord - This is a freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for video gaming communities, that specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel.
Fraps - Take a screenshot or movie of your gameplay with this tool. It can also give you framerates so you know how well a game runs on your system.
Hamachi - A free zero-configuration virtual private network (VPN) shareware application that establishes a connection over the Internet that emulates the connection that would exist if the computers were connected over a local area network. For multiplayer retrogaming at its easiest.
GameRanger - This free multiplayer online gaming service lets you play over 600 games and demos online with friends and opponents worldwide. It offers features like profiles, friends lists, instant messaging, in-game voice communication, and competitive ladders/rankings/ratings.
Voodoo Shader - improves and extends graphics in old and new games.
IrfanView - free graphic viewer which allows you to optimize pictures such as game covers and convert to different formats.
Avast Anti-Virus - Download free antivirus app to keep your computer safe.


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