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DOOM3 CoopMod

Postby Lifeforce » Sun Feb 26, 2006 1:53 am


i am a bit disconcerted which version of a DOOM3 - CoopMod to download.So best is i post the main link i found:

Code: Select all;4123477;/fileinfo.html

Mod Info:
Code: Select all

It says download DOOM 3 - OpenCoop v1.0 but theres also another OpenCoop v1.0 but this only has 1mb size!, v4.0beta, v3.0beta.Did they change v1.0 to final in the end?!

Also theres another CoopMod called or something. Anyone knows which one is the one to go for?!

Code: Select all
duno know what to do with these files either...

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