Die Slave [J] Sexy Death Entertainment 2001

This is yet another excellent freeware shooter from Japan's rapidly growing freeware development scene. Similar to Vsys Gaiden and Amanagi, this horizontal shooter features full 3D graphics for everything from ships to asteroids and other objects in space. The game takes advantage of your 3D card, so anyone with 3D accelerator will be able to enjoy more spectacular graphics. The game already looks very good in software mode, with lots of cool weapon effects, power-ups, and appropriately scary bosses. Unlike Amanagi, Die Slave is quite difficult - if you're not a joystick expert, be prepared to spend a lot of time with this game just to get past the first 3 levels. Sometimes it can be hard to tell where the enemies are in the midst of dozens of laser rays from your ship's guns. If you enjoy shooters in general, it will keep you occupied until the next Raiden comes along.
Japanese Free Game 17MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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