Dead To Rights Bitmap Brothers / HIP Interactive 2003

This game, which most resembles Max Payne, is like an action-packed film where you play a K-9 cop who investigates the murder of someone close to him and goes out to seek revenge. The story is interesting and has some nice twists. In addition to the bullet-time shooting action there are also some nice mini games like disarming bombs, lifting weights and picking locks. Your character is also a martial arts expert, and can disarm enemies at close range by snatching their weapons while delivering a deathblow with dramatic flair. He can also put a vice grip on someone and use them as a human shield while retaining the ability to shoot. You can call on your dog to attack any time you want also. Through 12 interesting chapters this game offers solid action with nice graphics, sound and story.
Full Demo ~178MB Music Addon ~64MB Outro Addon ~81MB (uploaded by MasteromaN) Intro Addon ~50MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Clone 3CD ISO Demo 2.27GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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