Deep Raider Infobank Technology Corp / Cyberscape Graphics 2000

In this obvious try to capture Tom Raider's success, you play as a female protagonist named Jennifer who can speak to aquatic animals using telepathy. This talent earned her a place in the elite Navy S.E.A.L. unit, where she was utilized as a secret agent by the government until her recent retirement. Of course, when a undersea research facility codenamed DEEP is beset by mysterious attackers, she is yanked away from her idyllic lifestyle to investigate. Her task will involve her with a high level weapons program, a destructive enzyme known as X-118, and of course, a government coverup. It's your job to go in and neutralize the threat. Deep Raider will take Jennifer through six missions, which chronicle her exploration of the DEEP complex and its surroundings. These missions all take place underwater, tasking Jennifer with the completion of a variety of simple objectives, from repairing a damaged transmitter to defeating a giant mutated sea creature. Jennifer's telepathy allows her to communicate with certain animals to gain clues as to the true nature of her missions. Throughout the levels, she can also be paired with four helpful creatures that aid her in her travels. Jennifer's four animal companions, the dolphin, stingray, turtle, and mutant life form, give her different abilities when she rides them. The game package was highly overpriced at nearly $50. It came with a USB gamepad that doubles as a thumb-controlled mouse.
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Full Demo ~32Mb (Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 284MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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