Ed Hunter Synthetic Dimensions / EMI Records 1999

This is a arcade-type rail shooter similar to House Of The Dead. It was distributed as part of the heavy metal group Iron Maiden's 3-cd package where 20 songs voted on by the public were included. The game play disc was separate and the install was on 1 of the 2 music discs. It features the bands inhuman iconic mascot Eddie. Spread across 8 levels, which are themed around artwork from a different Maiden album cover and are brimming with visual in-jokes for the band's fans, the path taken can vary as you are presented with directional choices at various key points within the game. Selecting a path invokes a smooth animation taking you to the next scene in the game. There are various weapons to be picked up also. Levels range from the streets of London to the pyramids of Egypt and even into the future.
Full Demo ~101MB (by keropi)
Custom 2CD ISO Demo ~790MB (upload by Scaryfun)
Clone 3CD ISO Demo (includes Music CD) 1.55GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with emulated Win95 956MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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