Evolva Computer Artworks / Virgin Interactive 2000

In the future, genetic engineering progresses greatly. Animals and plants become bigger and grow faster, and the population suffers no more hunger but nevertheless, increases more and more. Also among the people, genetic engineering is applied. They become stronger and smarter. As space becomes narrower on the earth, a bloody fight for life and land begins. Millions die. However, the war passes and people have learned from it. In addition, the astronauts have made progress and inhabitable planets were discovered. These are investigated by Genohunter, the genetic-technically manipulated beings which can gather up foreign genes and stow them away. Thereby they can gain all advantages of foreign races in themselves. The Genohunter are escorted by Evolva, elite warriors, in the base spaceship to circle around the respective planet and from there 4 active Genohunters are given orders. The name is derived from the evolution process of the Genohunter. On the edge of the galaxy a new life form is located, more dangerous and stronger than anything up to now found and which have only one purpose: Expansion. The beings must be stopped. Here the tactical shooter Evolva begins. One steers 4 Genohunters on the surface, and can take over the direct control of each single one while the others are computer controlled. At first the Genohunters are unarmed, but can take them up from killed enemies and be moved by the order of the player into numerous variations. The GenoHunters will change their physical appearance (change colors, develop spikes or horns) based on the DNA they've used to mutate themselves. Your Genohunters can punch, jump, super jump, breath fire, vomit flammable liquids, shoot explosives, scramble enemies brains and spawn small alien offspring that injure enemies. Interplay repeatedly advertised prior to the game's release that there are over 1 billion possible variations on the basic genohunter. Evolva is a graphically good and interesting game with numerous good ideas.
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Full Demo / Music Addon (by keropi)
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ISO Demo ~601MB (upped by Scaryfun)
GOG ISO Demo v2.0.0.3 480MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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