Humans Must Answer Sumom Games 2013

Dodge, shoot and explode across the Solar System as a crew of intelligent and dangerous chickens. As the pilot of The Golden Eagle, it's your duty to keep Colonel Ram and Professor Bez safe as they squabble about ethics and who last used the toilet. Wage war against humanity as you battle your way towards the Sun to complete your mission. You'll manage this task with burning plasma, smoking bullet cartridges, and daring maneuvers through asteroid belts. Some may discover a profound message, while others will be content with sidling harmfully across this horizontal vision of the future that comes handily embalmed with explosions. A horizontal shmup featuring intergalactic chickens, explosions and death to humanity. And explosions! Combine devastating weaponry to dish out the pain. Hatch turrets to deal with your foe two-fold. Destructible scenery, ship upgrades and boss fights. Explode your way across the Solar System in non-linear fashion, with sprinklings of a silly-serious story to dip your beak in and levels that will delight eyes and scramble brainwaves.
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Beta Level Demo 325MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Full Demo - build 164903 339MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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