Freedom Fighters IO Interactive / Electronic Arts 2003

This is a great third person action shooter that blends squad-based tactics with a good story. It offers an alternate history where the USSR became the most powerful nation after World War II and now rules over the US as well. It was made by the same people as Hitman 2 and has the same good physics and AI. You play a plumber who becomes a resistance leader and as you complete more missions you are able to recruit more team members to help you out. The environments are graphically impressive and highly detailed and controlling your teammates is not too difficult as in more realistic games like the Tom Clancy ones. Your soldiers have unlimited ammo, different weapons, and they can be resurrected as long as you have a spare health pack to use on them. The game could have been longer but is very worth playing nevertheless.
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Demo (Post Office Mission) 75MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
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Full Demo ~181MB (uploaded by keropi)
ISO Demo ~745MB (upped by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo & Keygen 762MB (uploaded by Shattered)

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