Medal of Honor: Blurred Remembrance Escalation 2014

This is an independent, revised, reviewed and enhanced conversion of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. It contains Medal of Honor: Allied Assault + Spearhead + Breakthrough + 6 additional campaigns: Das Ende (V2 Rocket Campaign), Alsace: Defeating Operation Nordwind (Fall 1944), Carentan (France), Krugerland (Mission behind enemy lines), La Coupole (Infiltration out of the water), Mission XYZ (9 levels combined by various authors). It also has texture, model & script updates, MoHAIM & Reactivated2 (two ironsight mods for all campaigns excluding Spearhead, Breakthrough, Das Ende), and adds blood. There's some fixes, an installer and a graphic driver guide to fit the resolution and 3D settings.
Free Standalone Game 3.17GB (uploaded by ModDB)

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