Great Burger War!, The / Burger Wars / Burger Warz (cancelled) Amped Labs 2004

The Great Burger War was a FPS developed by an amateur team, using the Torque engine. It was announced in April 2004 and scheduled for summer of same year. Besides the release of a demo in November 2006, no news about the game could be read, which made it being considered as a cancelled game.
The Great Burger War was a fast action, multiplayer online, first person shooter (FAMOFPS). In the year 2033 two competing burger franchises, McBozo and Burger Clown are in an all out global war as they battle for supremacy in one of the world's last free market enterprises. Team based play tactics were involved and 3 game types, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag and Assassinate the Clown were supported. It was supposed to run on PC, Mac and Linux. It could handle up to 64 players per server, and its spoof humor was a guarantee for some side splitting laughter. The player's characters were stored on the server, creating a persistent serverside character that can learn and grow, and gain experience and rank, and new and more powerful burger weapons.
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Multiplayer Level Demo 49MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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