Zombi Ubisoft Studios / Ubisoft 2015

This is a first-person survival horror game update to the Wii U exclusive ZombiU which came out in 2012. It pits players in zombie infested London, as they must survive as long as possible without dying because death is permanent. Unlike the original where you needed to split your attention between the Gamepad and play screen to avoid facing an untimely death, the map has been moved to the main screen, though it will disappear when not required in order to keep a minimal HUD and high sense of immersion. The sound mix between Gamepad and main screen will be replicated if you have surround sound, while opening the backpack will again take up most of the screen and not pause the game - so decisions must still be made quickly. On the other hand, the field of view has been increased, control mapping and response has been improved, too. Finally, there are a couple of additions coming to the game in the form of two new melee weapons - a shovel, which offers longer range and the ability to hit multiple zombies at a time, and a nail bat that has more damage and a higher critical-hit chance. It too can also hit multiple enemies. The flashlight is getting upgraded too, allowing you to switch to a wider, further-reaching beam at the expense of battery life and a greater risk of attracting zombies.
Multi9 Repack Full Demo v1.1 3.30GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 18.7GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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