Hidden & Dangerous 2 Illusion Softworks / Gathering 2003

In Hidden and Dangerous 2 you are active with a special 4-man team again behind hostile lines. Among the rest are different specialists (all with various strengths and weaknesses) which have to all be used to achieve different purposes, to steal documents and to kill opponents. You can order them to follow, hold position, take cover, tighten formation, spread out, fire at will or wait until you fire, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. They'll notify you every time they sight an enemy, and your character will also call out targets as well. When this happens, the enemy will show up as a red dot on your compass, making for relatively easy tracking even in dense brush. The game characters learn over time and therefore, should be maintained. Your stats are divided into Health, Strength, Endurance, Shooting, Stealth, First Aid, and Lock Picking. In 20 missions you fight, for instance, in Norway, East Europe and North Africa. Weapon and vehicle physics are detailed. For example, bullets can penetrate wooden doors and other objects. It uses the LS3D engine (the same one used for Mafia). Graphics and sound are good, but the AI is strongly lacking as if the game development was rushed and the gameplay is very hard and frustrating.

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SP Level Demo v1.03 ~185MB (@Game Pressure) MP Level Demo v1.04 - 2 modes, 2 maps (Occupation:Normandy and Objectives:Czech) ~195MB (@ ModDB)
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3CD ISO Demo 1.82GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Fan-Made Maps

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