Hunt, The / Chernaya Metka / Traque Orion Software / Buka Entertainment 2008

In 2025, the criminality among the society reached levels not known before. The government approved an extreme, though sure measure to ensure peace, security and prosperity for the society.
Being a common citizen, there is a probability of one in a million of receiving the back mark... a device implanted in your body that emits a signal which can be followed. But sometimes happens...
If you are marked, you have become the main star of The Hunt... the degeneration into a TV show of the governmental cleaning action. "The Beaters" are the gangs that participate officially as hunters.
The Hunt is a brand new FPS which breaks the established rules of the genre. Now shooting won't be enough to survive.
The Hunt is a FPS featuring various multiplayer modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Survival) and stealth which is an important part of the gameplay. The enemies will react to your noise and shadow, and the AGEIA PhysX technology allows not just to break almost every element of the scenario, but also to use it as weapon (a stone, a brick, a pipe etc.).

From the makers of Hellforces comes this action-stealth outing based on the Russian novel by Andrew Dashkova - Black Label.
The player assumes the role of an ordinary man who is marked for death, and swept into a twisted TV Game show where he must become the hunter hunted as he is pursued through various locales by gangs of thugs called the ‘Beaters’ as all the exploits are recorded by CCTV cameras in the name of entertainment.
The game lay is effectively a mix of established play styles roughly 70% Condemned and 30% Manhunt. One may use chance weapons such as a lead pipe to scrap with enemies, or at times there is the opportunity to sneak up for a ‘death move’. The enemy AI is strictly so-so. Hunters will sometimes react to close noises and the flash light, but completely ignore dead hunters, and there is the usual degree of scripting.
Progressing forwards often involves using a specific tool to access a new area, e.g. some doors require to be smashed down using a fire axe, a chained deadlock may be broken using a sledgehammer, a locker may be pried open with a sharp object etc. Also, the games’ protagonist being a tech savvy Web page designer, carries with him a PDA which can be used to connect with Wi-Fi outlets in order to view security cameras and unlock doors. One may also find money which can be used at shops that are dotted around to buy med. kits, armour etc., similar to in Xatrix’s Kingpin Life of Crime.
The games’ story unfolds using comic book style panels in between levels.
Technically speaking, the visuals, whilst a little rough around the edges, are approaching that of Lithtech’s Jupiter EX engine in terms of texture & lighting effects.
The PhysX engine employed provides the usual rag-dolls as you would expect, but somewhat disappointingly however is the destructible scenery, as only the key points of the scenarios can actually be broken, so the level progression remains completely linear.
Overall the game partially succeeds with creating some effective moments (the underground cannibal mine springs to mind), but basically this is simply a functional cloning of the earlier aforementioned titles. (Review by Doomed_Space_Marine)

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Russian Level Demo 753MB (uploaded by Worth Playing)
Review by wkduffy
English Translation Patch ~85KB (created by Doomed_Space_Marine & upped by Scaryfun)
English Translation Patch 49KB English Translated PDF Manual 13MB (both made by wkduffy & uploaded by Scaryfun) Retail English Manual 2MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Traque - French DVD ISO Demo 3.07GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Enhanced Visuals Reshade FX preset (uploaded by SweetFX Settings DB)
Traque - French DVD ISO Demo 3.1GB (uploaded by cam)

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