Voyager I: Sabotage of the Robot Ship Microcomputer Games, Inc. / The Avalon Hill Game Company 1982

Release Date: 1982 This is a first-person action game that challenges the player to explore the levels of an alien spacecraft's maze. The environments consist of corridors and rooms done with 3D vector graphics. The protagonist has to evade killerrobots programmed to blast any intruders, hidden throughout the four levels and 144 locations of the spaceship. New floorplans are randomly generated in each game and there is no need to map out your movement as it is stored in your computer's memory for instant recall. There is more than one way to accomplish your mission, each of which requires you find the necessary objects and equipment on board and use them properly. You will actually see a realistic 3-D "eye-level" view throughout your exploration. Elevators allow you to move between the four levels of the ship. You move in real time, but move too quickly and you will tire requiring you to rest until your stamina points are restored. Once inside the Robot Ship you must secure a laser rifle in order to combat the enemy. Destroy all of the enemy robots (before they do the same to you) and victory is yours. Or you may choose to search out the power generators fueling the ship's operations. Upon your exploding of the final generator the Robot Ship will automatically be set on self-destruct. You will have just 60 seconds to escape in a shuttle craft or you too will be blown up.
Full Demo 6kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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