Incognito: Episode 2 Magrathean Technologies 2010

The story of an old man lost in space continues...everything starts to go black, John wakes up in the infirmary of a large space station. He realizes that his cybernetic implants are malfunctioning. This episode requires the Episode 1 be installed as it uses files from it. It combines various genres that change at each "zoom level" of the game:
* When you're on foot, it's a First-Person Shooter with RPG elements
* When you're in your ship, it's a Space Trading/Combat Simulation
* When you're in low orbit of a planet, it's a Simple Real-Time Strategy Game
* When you're in your hovertank, it's a Tank Combat Game
In order to progess through each Episode, you'll have to conquer challenges at each level, gathering information on foot, exploring in your ship, landing on uninhabited planets and establishing bases, and on hostile planets, invading a planet's surface defenses in the hovertank.
Limited Trial Demo (requires Episode 1) 386MB (uploaded by Absolute Games)
Incognito Trilogy DVD ISO Demo (includes episodes 1-2-3) 1.80GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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