Iron Storm 4X Studio / Wanadoo / DreamCatcher 2002

This is an alternate world which has turned out differently from this reality. The first World War has raged since decades and Iron Storm takes place in 1964. The protagonist knows nothing else than war, and has been born in a bunker. Germany is divided in two - one half fights for the Allies, the other for the Russians and Mongols. The weapon technology is as in 1964. At the beginning of the game one receives a special order, that leads at first by a vast defensive trench system, bunker system and tunnel system behind the hostile lines. If your own soldiers surround you at first, even more often the player is soon only by himself. On radio one has contact with the headquarters. There are some puzzles to solve and one must also creep sometimes which might irritate those who just want to shoot. The surroundings are many - from the bunkers and battle defenders which from World War 1 will remind you of, up to poison gas factories, labs, towns and a moving train. Besides, many levels are detailed and are designed luxuriously. Iron Storm also makes wide distances also fun, however, it has no brilliant moments. Almost no role is played by the interesting story time line. In the last third of the game (from the labs, followed by the train and the hostile headquarters), the puzzle numbers increase. Often one must go one and the same way 2 or 3 times which makes the game indeed longer, but also much worse. Such "puzzles" serve only to lengthen the game. However also without this lengthening, Iron Storm would have been more satisfactory. Also this stretching causes a loss in quality of the game. The end turns out disappointingly too. It almost calls for a sequel, however this should come really if it is hoped that the good parts are expanded and the weaknesses are eliminated.

See also: #World War Zero

Level Demo 192MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo ~289MB (made for & upped by 3DSL)
2CD ISO Demo ~846MB (upped by Egon68)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v. 715MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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