Jazz Jackrabbit 3 (cancelled) World Tree Games 2000

This was to be Jazz Jackrabbit's first venture into 3D play environment. It was planned as a 3rd-person action-adventure using the Unreal/UT game engine. It was started as an unofficial project, originating from a team of about five people with roots in Eclipse Productions. The guys worked for months without a budget. When it came time to show their work to Epic, the original creators of Jazz were very impressed, but Epic was unable to find a publisher. Without a publisher backing Jazz 3 with their money, work could not continue. 2 years of work was stopped around March of 2000. 25% of the game was finished. A self-running, playable demo was largely completed, which was shown to Epic and potential publishers. One well-defined character (Jazz) was playable in a large variety of environments. A few enemies, weapons, and items were in place, and a soundtrack of a dozen songs was implemented. The story ties in with Jazz 2, starting with a battle between Jazz and Devan in a 2D environment. The premise has Jazz and his wife with kids, which Devan comes to kidnap. Devan is successful in snatching the kids away, taking them into an alternate universe using the Jazz 2 Time Machine (converted to a Dimensional Machine). This alternate universe turns out to be the 3rd Dimension, and of course, Jazz must venture into the 360-degree world to rescue his children. During the search, Devan uses the kid's dreams against Jazz. Jazz, Spaz, and Lori were all planned as playable characters, and perhaps also Razz, the famous blue rabbit rumored to be in Jazz 2, along with other unknown characters. The demo alone has a wide range of environments, from a forest, beach, and canyon to a flooded castle near Carrotus Village. Of course, the village wouldn't be complete without the War Tavern.
Fixed Alpha Demo ~73MB (made by Delacroix and uppped by Scaryfun)
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