Kreed Burut CT / Russobit-M / Acclaim 2003

The shooter Kreed comes from Russia and is set in the far future. People have made big technology jumps and have extended far into the universe. Supersoldiers were bred who accompany the merchant ships mostly as bodyguards. The merchant ship Aspero is attacked in the course of the action by a foreign race and is dragged into an unknown area. The Aspero finds itself in a spaceship cemetery where you intervene as a player in the events. You take over the role one of those supersoldiers and investigate the surroundings and try to get the spaceship free. Designwise, Kreed does give a good impression. The main attention is on singleplayer but there will also be the usual multiplayer team matches. An early tech demo was leaked in early 2002 with considerably different art direction.
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2-SP Missions & 2-Deathmatch Levels Demo 198MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Review by wkduffy
2CD ISO Demo ~910MB (upped by Scaryfun)
2002 Alpha Tech Demo (provided by Alex & upped by Scaryfun) 164MB

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