Liquidator 2: Welcome To Hell Parallax Arts Studio / Russobit-M / Reef Entertainment Limited 2005

Liquidator is an action-packed, first person shooter game with large cinematic adventure components. Set in three unique game environments, the game features massive fighting sequences, a rich variety of unique characters and super-charged power-ups that contribute to incredibly strong gameplay. Utilizing rich character and story development as well as an automatic gameplay adjustment system, Liquidator fills its encompassing alien worlds with suspense and intrigue making each gameplay experience unpredictable for the player who can enjoy playing through the game again and again with many new and exciting ways to explore and enjoy the game. Liquidator is designed for maximum replay value as opposed to many games that can only be enjoyed once.
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Level Demo v1.2 343MB (uploaded by Absolute Games)
DVD ISO Demo 933MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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