Mafia (The City of Lost Heaven) Illusion Softworks/ Take 2 2002

The story is told from the year 1938 in flashbacks. Thommy Angelo tells in a small restaurant to a police chief his Mafia biography. It begins in 1932 in the town Lost Heaven and is very linear but offers an exciting story of murder, betrayal, loves and friendship. The missions are eventful, from burglary through contract killing (attempts with the sniper's gun, public execution in a swimming pool and bomb attempts) up to "bodyguard missions". Unfortunately, Mafia allows no game saves whenever you want - this is really irritating only in 2 missions (with a lot of opponents and rather long time without saving possibility). Sometimes also if one goes too impatiently through the town all of a sudden the police are on the player. Positively you can use cruise control which if activated, no police patrol will be angry. Also the odometer with every car is a nice (even if playfully not relevant) gimmick. Play view is third-person behind view and takes place clearly more on foot than in GTA 3. Design-wise the game makes a good impression (using a modified Hidden & Dangerous 2 engine) as does the sound also. The music, however, offers (especially in the vehicles) little variety. 20 missions lead to quite different areas with a lot of different orders and surprises. Boredom does not arise. The town Lost Heaven offers in PC action games to date an unequalled 30s atmosphere. In German there is very good voice synchronisation especially that of Thommy's pal Paulie stands out. Nevertheless, it concerns the unmistakable voiceover of Joe Pesci (very much suitable to the character of Paulie which resembles his roles in Goodfellas and Casino). Unfortunately, Mafia offers no freedom of action. Thus one must go in a mission to steal afterwards boxes from the harbour depot. The foreman in the place goes on the toilet. To rush though there brings nothing, with the last box taken the foreman appears again and gives alarm. Also follow and knock him out brings no change because the guards are still alarmed... Also there is only one degree of difficulty which makes life for newcomers not easy. Whoever does not mind the lack of save game option and the low freedom of action should find it a strong game with great action and story structure. It's definitely worth buying at a budget price.

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USA Level Demo 230MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
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3CD ISO Demo 2.01GB (uploaded by Terje_P)
UK AlcoholClone 3CD ISO Demo 1.94GB (uploaded by Egon68)
3CD ISO Demo v1.2 + Crack/No-CD Patch, Scans, Manual, Map, Instructions 1.51GB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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