Manhattan Chase Team6 Game Studios / Fusion Software 2005

In this cheap knockoff of GTA3, Manhattan Chase will let you choose between Angel, a brave and proud member of the NYPD, and Yasmin, a cold-hearted and sadistic criminal. Reveal the exciting story about these two completely different girls by finishing all episodes from both sides of the law. There are also 6 multi-play modes and 2 instant-action modes available, and the 3rd person action makes sure there is plenty of variation in gameplay terms. In 3rd person the girls carry effective but 'ordinary' weapons such as a machinegun, grenadelauncher or sniper: But once inside one of the dozen available cars the mass-destruction weapons become available. Vulcan-cannons, Multi-missiles, homing rockets, mines and even airstrikes are yours to use or abuse. The game soundtrack is featured by the gothic metal band Theatre of Tragedy, from their album "Musique".
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Final Level Demo 159MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo ~108MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 212MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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