Shattered Skies Free Reign Entertainment / Arktos Entertainment Group 2016

Early Access Release An online survival game developed by a studio established by the creator of Infestation: Survivor Stories and Romero's Aftermath. It's a massive persistent open world shooter MMO featuring full loot drop, ruthless PVP and dynamic PVE objectives for both coop and solo play with support for large scale group vs group skirmishes. Learn to survive and fight hellish creatures hunting survivors like yourself. Gain experience and level up your character to be able to use better weapons and crafting recipes. Explore the world to find epic loot and character cosmetic items, trade with NPCs as well as other players. Secure your loot in the safety of the Global Vault, accessible at specific non combat zones on the map. The action takes place on Earth, devastated by a space cataclysm - the Moon was smashed to pieces by a comet, while our planet was infested with an alien life form that degraded the environment and turned people into monsters. The players assume the role of one of the few survivors, whose only choice is to fight for their lives. The threats include not only the monsters but also other participants. On the other hand, the interactions between players do not boil down to competition - we might as well cooperate or trade items. In Shattered Skies, it is essential to traverse open locations in search of food, water, and anything useful. While resting, it is best to head to a survivors' camp or, if that's impossible, barricade ourselves in some building, barring the windows and setting up traps. The game shut down in Aug/2018.
Download: None currently available

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