MechWarrior 3 Zipper Interactive / MicroProse Software / Atari 1999

Graphics aren't everything, but it doesn't hurt when a game looks as good as this. Not only do the different mechs in the game look great, you can also see their toes flex, and they leave tracks in the earth and kick up clouds of dust and dirt with each and every step. They topple over slowly and painfully if they lose balance from a powerful attack, and struggle back to a standing position. As they're shot apart in battle, their limbs don't just fall off but rather rip from their sockets, leaving exposed pipes and cables where the arm or leg used to be. Their weapons fire independently and look powerful and are easily distinguishable on the battlefield. They fight in the beautiful, desolate terrain of the aptly named planet Tranquil. Though the hills might look a little blocky sometimes, everything else, like thunderstorms, beaches, ravines, and deserted cityscapes, looks realistic and detailed. It features landscape mesh transform when you hit the terrain with a weapon. This means that you don't just leave a char mark, the terrain actually changes when you strike. Great sound effects include each step being accompanied by a resounding, dull thud that perfectly conveys the awesome scale of the machine under your control. Powerful attacks can cause overheating and your sensors to malfunction and your mech may shut down or even explode. But, also introduced is a coolant flush device that can be used a limited number of times to rapidly dissipate your machine's heat. The campaign is a little too straightforward and short for its own good, with only around 20 missions. However, the excellent instant-action mode allows you to easily set up fights against any number of enemies of any size and strength. You can even choose to fight wave after wave or progressively more challenging opponents, as well as pit yourself in base-attack and base-defense missions. Multiplayer is similarly flexible and allows for both deathmatch and team-play battles, with plenty of opponents guaranteed on Microsoft's Gaming Zone.

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Multiplayer Demo v1.2.22.0 ~31MB ( @
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Full Game with 30 minutes limit ~184MB ( @
Full Demo 119MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
ISO Demo v1.0 451MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
v1.2 included in Mechwarrior 3 Gold 2CD ISO Demo with extra multiplayer maps (provided by agumon & uploaded by Scaryfun) 869MB

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