MechWarrior 4: Inner Sphere 'Mech Pack Cyberlore Studios / Microsoft Entertainment 2002

These two small mech pack expansions were released within a month of each other at a reduced price but even so, felt like something that should've appeared in a free patch rather than a retail product. The Inner Sphere pack has four new mechs: Dragon, Highlander, Zeus, and Hunchback. There are also two new parts and two new maps. The ballistic heavy gauss rifle is like its name says, a more powerful gauss rifle, but heavier and lacking range (four slots, 18 tons, 600m, eight second reload). The other piece of technology is a nifty little thing called the IFF Jammer. When activated, the jammer will trick enemy HUDs into thinking you are a neutral target. There are also two new multiplayer maps. Coliseum is pretty self-explanatory (an enormous stadium is the ring and you and your mech are one of the gladiators). In stark contrast, Gagetown is actually a tree laden area just outside the walled city of...Gagetown. Since these two maps could be found free on the internet for download, it made this an even bigger rip-off.
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Free Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries + Inner Sphere 'Mech Pack + Clan 'Mech Pack + MekPak 3.1 ~1.7GB (uploaded by ModDB)
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ISO Demo 114MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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