Mega Man Legends Capcom 2001

This was a port of a Playstation game that was released 3 years earlier. The famous Mega Man series of side-scrolling games led to this first 3d venture. He crashes on an island on a water-covered planet where he has to help a girl find her parents. Also seemingly connected, Diggers mine under the earth for energy and have a legend of a Mother Lode energy treasure. Most of the combat occurs in underground corridors and is not very satisfying. The graphics are colorful but don't seem to have been improved either. The Buster Gun amount fired depends on Buster Parts equipped of which can be upgraded four stats: Attack (how strong it is), Rapid (how fast it fires), Range (how far the shots go), and Energy (how many shots can be fired before stopping). There are NPCs to talk to and the plot is revealed through cutscenes, many of which have voice acting to accompany the text. Large gems called Refractors are used as a power source. Small shards of them can be exchanged for money, and in the game, enemies that are destroyed will often drop these Refractor Shards. Roll Caskett is able to make weapons for the player, using specific combinations of parts that can be found in dungeons or bought in shops. Many of these weapons supplement the Buster Gun, such as the Active Buster (a homing missile launcher). The only way to refill them in the field is an item that can be bought, but only one can be carried. Only one special weapon can be equipped at a time, and the only way to switch is to talk to Roll.
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Full Demo ~63MB (uploaded by keropi)
ISO Demo ~221MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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