Messiah Interplay / Shiny Entertainment 2000

In Messiah, one takes over the role of angel Bob who is sent on the Earth to stop a cult who want to let Satan out on the world. Bob, a sweet cherubic angel with wings on his back, can fly forward as well as walk, but flapping his wings is awkward. He can slip into the bodies of people he meets and use them for his purposes. In a futuristic world, one struggles on to the leader. There are numerous puzzles to solve and also some fights. You have to think before you go forward as to the best options to continue as Bob cannot enter some places by himself without taking over another person's body. He can also take over rats, cyborgs and aliens. In more difficult levels, Bob can only possess another body when the target is oblivious to his presence, thus adding a stealth element to the game. Most humans will ignore Bob, or be intrigued by him. The police and security force, however, will shoot on sight, as will the Chots - a humanoid race who regularly appear in street battles with the police. Shiny Entertainment has created once again a unique and interesting concept, however the game is not easy. If one gets involved in the unusual SF scenario, one gets a high-quality action adventure with some cool ideas.
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Demo v1.2 ~99MB ( @
Full Demo Patch v1.02 (upped by keropi)
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2CD ISO Demo ~1GB (upped by Scaryfun)
Beta Version (thanks to Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) 220MB
Clone 2CD ISO Demo (provided by Hellsgate & uploaded by Scaryfun) 1.00GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Good Old Games Digital Download ISO Demo v2.0.0.9 (provided by Alex & upped by Scaryfun) 406MB

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