Blue Effect VR DIVR Labs 2016

A VR only, horror-survival FPS game that will thrill you with excitement, test your endurance and your bravery. Alone and armed with Blue Effect high-tech weapons you will fight for your survival. Are you ready to face your darkest fears? You are now entering the abyss. A place where your abilities will be tested, patience tried, and bravery put through the grinder. You'll either come out victorious or have your ass handed to you over and over again. It's a game built by a group of crazy gamers... for gamers, in our virtual reality laboratories at DIVR. It's an an experience that's not for the faint of heart, that fully immerses you, our aspiring mercenaries, into an eerie and mysterious sci -fi world. Setting: Planet Exo-277. Mission: Collect and protect the coveted Blue Effect materials. Survival kit: Little Buddy - Do you like the satisfaction of vaporizing an enemy? The burning thrill of shooting a weapon. Well look no further. Little Buddy, a deadly precise laser pistol that packs a punch, vaporizing anything in its path. And if anything gets too close, the pistol acts as a heavy hitting melee weapon. Enlightenment - State of the art illumination orb technology that works fluidly with your body movement, making it easy for you to toss the orb and light up dark areas. Blue Effect - A rare energy source developed by Lumos corporation that powers your equipment and is the catalyst for your mission, the people that hired, and the events that will unfold.
Full Demo 380MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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