Art of Fight, The Raptor-Lab 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: Feb 17/2017 This is the fastest-paced multiplayer shooter in VR. It uses a game-changing locomotion method that avoid motion-sickness allowing unparalleled 4vs4 competitive battles online or against configurable bots. Being fond of virtual reality, we wanted to create a world dedicated to VR philosophy. Science fiction and VR are full of good storylines revolving around firefight. We strongly inspired ourselves from the universes of Matrix and Avalone to create our very own world. Each game is divided into 10 rounds (the winner is the first to get to 6; the game can also end with a draw at 5). Each round lasts 2 minutes with 40 seconds extra time when an objective is being disputed. For each new round, players receive money to buy new gear (firearms, weapons, grenades, bulletproof vests, etc.). Survivors keep the gear they bought for the next round. One of the teams has for mission to carry a virus to the infection zones. The opponent team has to recover the object before the first team is able to carry out its mission. The game is made to be as realistic as possible when it comes to weapon control. For example, you will need to recharge your firearms yourselves (don't forget to bring as many magazines on you as possible) and to properly aim. They have developed a brand new natural motion technique. This technique is based on the observation that when we walk our hands often move in the opposite direction of our feet. The player can "catch" the air by clicking on the "menu" button of the controllers and "pull" or "push" his body in the intended direction. This allows the player to move in an intuitive and comfortable manner (and prevents motion sickness) while being fast and agile and, most importantly, without ever ruining the immersion. For the most sensitive people, it is possible to display a "comfort capsule" which surrounds the player during fast moves. This way, the player will not suffer from nausea as he will have the impression of being inside a cockpit, thus providing his brain fixed references to rely on. The game is also conceived to be compatible with the majority of VR motion interfaces, such as 3D treadmills and other feet controllers. VR is a revolutionary technology and they want to create a FPS that shows exactly that. All your feedback is welcome and we will take it into account while proceeding with the game development.
Full Demo 273MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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