NAM (Napalm) TNT Team / GT Interactive 1998

This Vietnam game uses the Duke Nukem graphic engine. It began with the brilliant addon Platoon and, in the end, was developed and released as its own game. It was the first FPS to be based on a real war. In Germany, on account of the war representation and shooting of persons, it was never distributed. You play a U.S. soldier fighting the enemy in the jungles, riverbanks, and airfields of Vietnam. Starting off with the standard-issue Colt 45 pistol and knife combination, you'll come across much heavier weaponry as the game progresses, including machine guns, rocket launchers and the always-effective grenade. The computer-controlled Vietnamese are always cunning and the game has plenty of levels to keep you occupied. Multiplayer support gives Nam an aspect of teamwork, as you fight with other soldiers positioned around you and learn important defensive tactics. The graphics indeed have become quickly outdated but still together with the strong music and exciting missions, in my opinion it's enough to recommend it particularly as the only "war game" in the 3D area up to this time. Always one has to pay attention in the jungle to hidden threats and even bombardments and you could order also air raids. Part of the way, one is accompanied by medics and radio officers.
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Full Demo ~24MB (upped by keropi)
Fan Levels
Napalm ISO Demo ~603MB (upped by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 602MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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