New World Order Termite Games / Strategy First, Inc. 2002

This Swedish developed game concerns the old conflict between police teams and terrorists. NWO is, on this occasion (like Counter-Strike, Global Operations and others) a straight multiplayer mostly, but contains also a singleplayer part which is a big joke that is without a way of changing the degree of difficulty. After the patch made to resolve this, the slow and not very pretty engine does allow for such things as shooting of lamps and further innovations. However, also with the patch New World order becomes a complete package but this is not a pioneering game. There are only 12 missions in New World Order, and each consists of just a tiny map, sprinkled with some enemies. Diverse environments include a mine, war zone, subway, drug lord villa, cargo ship, mansion, terrorist camp, tunnel, harbor, headquarters, pump facility, and the terrain of Sweden. Although some missions ask you to gather intelligence or rescue a hostage, in almost all cases, none of these side quests need to be accomplished; it's simpler to just kill every enemy in the level. At the start of each mission you can equip various weapons based on what rank you've attained. You're also given a weight limit of what you can carry - each gun, grenade, and clip you equip yourself with has a certain weight, and according to the game's documentation, the more you carry, the slower you move. Modes include Team Death Match, Team Escape, Plant the Bomb, Fallout, and Hostage Rescue. To me, I cannot think whom I could recommend this game to. Those with a notorious collector's nature will maybe get it, but with enthusiasm will play it probably nobody. A Deluxe version was released in 2005 that was patched to version 1.42 and included the bonus restaurant map.
Druglord villa and restaurant maps Demo v1.4 ~154MB ( @ JeuxVideo) Restaurant/mansion maps Updated Demo v1.42 ~167MB / Demo Patch v1.42 to v1.45 ~1MB ( @ Game Pressure)
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Deluxe Edition ISO Demo ~743MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Official Bonus Restaurant Map

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