No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way Monolith / Fox Interactive, Sierra 2002

Monolith brings Cate Archer back in this game. Again one plays as the cool agent, must use different gadgets, and creep and shoot. As already with the first part, NOLF 2 serves in principle as a tool for showing off the new Lithtech engine. The first part could already receive very good reviews with most game magazines, but it was successful only partly in my opinion. In the end, it lacked in possibilities (indeed it's recommended, but for me in the game variety is barely found). The second part has made clear progress in this area. Certainly NOLF 2 also does not offer the freedom of a Deus Ex, however it moves still farther in this direction and away from the pure shooter. NOLF 2 has of a skill system, as with role playing games (or System Shock, Deus Ex and Sniper, which likewise were on the Lithtech engine based). Your full tasks involve reading communications, letters or books (as the spy manual which often lies around) and one receives additional points (also for the mini-missions which are not necessary to finish the main mission), and NOLF 2 excels in keeping the player happy in discovering new things. The action is, like already with the first part, as offbeat and witty as the characters also. Locations include cold regions in the USA, under water and in India (these missions are especially witty, not least because of the amusing Indian English slang). Numerous gags and action are related from the first part, so it helps to have played it to get all the references. The graphics are good, especially the faces are well done. NOLF 2 is a witty shooter with role playing aspects which is convincing in every area and presents the new Lithtech engine excellently. I like it much better than the first part and it's very worth buying.

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Teaser Demo (Ohio Level) ~48MB / 4 Level Demo ~158MB (@ Game Pressure) 3 Level MP Demo ~171MB (uploaded by File Planet)
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 1  2 
Full Demo ~496MB (upped by Trey)
2CD ISO Demo 1.02GB (upped by Egon68)
Full Demo v1.3 with LivesForeverPlus to play online, with all patches applied, NO CD crack, widescreen resolution, works on modern o/s up to Win10 1.57GB (uploaded by NOLF Revival)

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