Ominous Horizons: A Paladins Calling N'Lightning 2001

This is one of the best Christian games made so far and takes place in Mainz Germany, 1455. In this one you must find Gutenberg's first printing of the bible, which the Prince of Darkness has scattered across the world. Along the way you will run into over 10 enemy creatures from Black Knights, Ninja Assassins to Demon Dragons and Scorpions as well as plenty of bible verses. His quest is to visit several different locations throughout the world including Mesa Verde, under the Sphinx, deep inside a Scottish Castle, inside the walls of a Japanese Fortress, Stonehenge, a Mayan Temple and the Underworld and do battle. You are given three spiritual weapons to aid you; the Sword of the Spirit, the Holy Crossbow and Moses' powerful staff. Each weapon has several different ammunition types that have unique properties. Every location you will visit is home to one of the many pieces of armor the Lord has left for you. The Shield of Faith increases your defense; the Gauntlets of Peace increase your firepower, and the Boots of Justice increase your speed and jumping ability. Be sure to find all nine pieces of armor to become truly unstoppable in your quest to vanquish evil. You must also interact with in-game characters, choose to follow side-quests if you want, and collect items. The monsters are actually pretty interesting and the graphics (about the level of Quake 2) are decent.
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Level Demo ~33MB ( @ JeuxVideoPC)
Full Demo ~76MB (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo 449MB (upped by Egon68)

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