Operation Tiger Hunt / M4 Armored Clash / M4: Operation Tiger Hunt Digital Fusion, Inc. / Infogrames, Inc., WizardWorks 2001

Digital Fusion, creators of the bunker-based first-person shooters Beach Head 2000 and Beach Head 2002, presents Tiger Hunt, a WWII tank simulation where the goal is to "drive - shoot - destroy." Players get behind the controls of an M4 Sherman tank during missions in war torn Europe as they hunt down and wreak havoc on Hummels, Panthers, and Tigers using various types of ammo like armor piercing shells, high explosives, incendiary (phosphorous) shells, and specialized high-velocity armor piercing (HVAP) rounds. While gameplay and missions consist of straightforward tank hunting action, players must not only learn to control and maneuver tanks but also become familiar with the schematics of enemy units in order to select the proper ammunition and optimum target (strike) points. Avoidance of tank-killing mines is imperative as is learning how to scout enemy territory, using terrain to best advantage, and ambushing other tanks. Players can opt for a variety of camera views including main, turret, driver, and orbital perspectives, with zoom features for close ups of enemies and battlefields.
Level Demo ~41MB ( @ Place77)
ISO Demo 170MB (upped by Egon68)

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