Resident Evil - Code: Madman (cancelled) ShiguWorks 2017

This is a fanmade recreation of one of the prototypes that Capcom scrapped before releasing what we all know as Resident Evil 4. That game went through several very different prototypes before Capcom settled on the version that we all know and love – one of them ended up being Devil May Cry and most of the rest were just scraped and the assets used elsewhere. This is a recreation of the third cancelled prototype, known as Hallucination, which Capcom actually showed footage of at E3 2003 and featured a virus-infected Leon exploring a mansion filled with creepy paranormal enemies such as haunted suits of armour and living dolls. The developer of this game has used the gameplay footage and information available about the Hallucination prototype to recreate the version of RE4 that could of been. Although there was a bit of gameplay footage and information known about Hallucination, there was little known about the actual plot, so the dev planned to create a narrative that continues on from Resident Evil CODE: Veronica. Only a Prototype Demo build was made before Capcom forced it to be shut down. It’s fairly short, but is very impressive, and certainly feels like a Resident Evil game.
Original E3 2003 Gameplay
Unity Prototype Demo 263MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Unreal Engine 3 Prototype Demo 530MB (uploaded by Reikaz)

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