Parkan: Iron Strategy Nikita Ltd. / Monte Cristo 2001

This Russian developed game is a followup to one that was popular there in 1997 called Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles and is an ambitious blend of first-person shooter, real-time strategy, and combat simulation. There are 5 campaigns in the game but you must complete one to start the next and a set of Multiplayer games (LAN/Internet gaming supported) which take place on the training ground and on five different planets of the Labyrinth. Reality is another important feature - superb futuristic landscapes, gorgeous day and night alternation and incredible weather effects. You'll get a unique opportunity to fly on terrain and inside buildings, lead a group of warbots in a battle, or give orders to your platoons from your well protected bunker. You can create warbots of different types and control them directly or remotely. Briefings are done through game-engine cutscenes and before you enter the action, your objectives are summarized on a list on the screen.

See also: #Parkan: Iron Strategy Part 2

Small Level Demo ~86MB / Large Level Demo ~210MB (@ JeuxVideo)
 1  2 
 1  2 
Full Demo ~98MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Included in Parkan Gold Edition (2007) Russian Full Demo Repack ~1.82GB (uploaded by Scaryfun) plus Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles (1997), Parkan: Iron Strategy Part 2 (2002), Parkan II (2005)
AlcoholClone ISO Demo 573MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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