Project Freedom / Starmageddon 2 / Space Interceptor: Project Freedom Merscom LLC / City Interactive / CDV 2004

You take the role of an spaceship pilot set in the 3rd millennium. Your mission is to work for a corporation known as Project Freedom, who is struggling with other corporation to colonize and safeguard their ships.
Gameplay is similar to Wing Commander, where your given a ship and you roam about to fight of enemies of all sorts ranging from ships to colony defenses. Move your fleets around massive spaceships, tumbling asteroid fields and snaking planet-side canyons. Teeth-rattling missions include escort, strike and rescue operations. Simultaneously fire ship-to-ship missiles, ship-to-ground missiles, photon torpedoes and plasma bombs. Grand explosions create columns of light and energy that race into the dark depths of space. Astoundingly realistic environments include countless special effects and 3D sound. Space locations are painstakingly rendered from real-life data. Project Freedom is the sequel to 2002's Project Earth.
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ISO Demo 426MB (uploaded by Molitor)
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