Purge: Jihad Freeform Interactive 2004

Based on Future vs Fantasy Jihad (developed in 1997), Purge Jihad reintroduces to gameplay the concepts of an alignment Deity, Altar, and Mass Blesses. It also adds another original new concept: a Prayer System. You can customize characters to your tactics, using 8 unique classes, 27 major skills & 3 minor skills and use 32 weapons (with alternate-firing modes), 20 divine blesses and 4 divine interventions. The game has 23 indoor and large outdoor maps, and player creatable constructions & items. You can earn and save experience points for the next game. There's an optional "FPS" playing style for new/casual players that starts at Level 11. The game has a gibs system with blood pools, robotic/cybernetic debris, and limb loss.
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Full-install Trial v2.5.0 (4-character class limit) ~349MB (@ Strategy Informer) Update v2.5.1 ~2MB (@ FileFront)
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