Rainbow Six 3: Iron Wrath UbiSoft 2005

This expansion pack that was on the drawing board for almost 2 years has been released for free (maybe to make up for the cancellation of the PC version of Ghost Recon :p ). It includes a new 7-mission campaign, 3 "classic" R6 missions, 6 new real-world weapons, and 5 new multiplayer modes. 1) In Virus Uploaded mode, one team has a virus disk and has to either pass off the disk to a teammate, or upload the virus onto a computer. If they hold onto the disk for too long, they become visible through the walls until they die, or pass on the disk. 2) Intruder is a super fun gametype... One team has to defend the terminals, while the other team has to destroy them. It takes about 25 seconds to destroy a terminal, unless you are the intruder. The intruder can do it in about 3, AND the intruder has the same skin on as the defender, except he has a black helmut. So the intruder becomes very valuable to the attacking team, and the defending team really must kill him soon. The attacking team must destroy all 3 terminals to win. 3) Free Backup is another really cool gametype, where you get to take up to 3 AIs as your bodyguards. They will just be sitting there on the ground, and you can activate them. They will then shoot at any enemies you can see. Really fun. 4) In Limited Seats, you have to escort prisoners to a safe zone. If a single prisoner dies, you lose the round, so protect them well. 5) Gas Alert is by far the coolest new gametype. Each player has a limited supply of air (about 30 seconds). Before they run out, they need to get to a terminal and "refill" their lungs. If you are gimped, you are totally screwed... Gone are the net code problems that one would typically associate with Athena Sword. In October 2008, the CD-key activation server was taken offline, suspending the multiplayer features of Iron Wrath.
Free US or UK Mission Pack *requires Raven Shield v1.60 To bypass cd key check, allow IronWrath.exe file to communicate on Hamachi Network interface, but block it on your regular Network interface through firewall. ~997MB (uploaded by ModDB)
included in UK Collection DVD ISO Demo + German Gold DVD ISO Demo 2.67GB (uploaded by gtamodder85)

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