Rogue Spear MissionPack: Urban Operations Red Storm 2000

In Urban Operation there are 5 new missions available, as well as 5 from the original gamee, with improvements added such as improved opponent A.I. - for example the terrorists now throw hand grenades. Also there is a new multi-player level. One goes to locales such as a market in Istanbul, in a hotel in Hong Kong and the London underground. There are new weapons (several MG's and a sniper rifle). The environments are detailed and the missions expansive. Unfortunately, Urban Operations is over very quickly (that's probably why the developers added the old missions, but that's not not really a comfort to those buying it), but while it lasts it is well done. A built-in mod system was added to manage user-made "mods" or modifications. Previous releases of the Rainbow Six series did not have this system, and using a mod required overwriting existing game content. They are installed into a separate folder within the installation and can be turned on or off. This allowed the addition and/or customization of all game content, allowing new operatives, weapons, maps, missions, etc. to be added.
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Total Conversions
Standalone Full Demo ~130MB (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo 331MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
User-Made Maps
Win8/10 Patch 1MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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