Sabotain: Break The Rules Avalon Style Entertainment / Akella 2004

Sabotain: Break the Rules is a first-person 3D Action/RPG based on the idea of mission-oriented adventure with varied interactions with people and places as well as varied mission types, including sabotage, infiltration, rescue, intelligence-gathering, thievery, reconnaissance, assassination, and all-out combat. Role-playing system allows characters to develop by gaining experience and spending it to improve their skills and attributes. Distant future - War etween Empire and Confederation, and Rebels against both. Empire's secret agent infiltrates to Confederation capital with a sabotage mission to do the undercover work on framing the government leaders and performing all sorts of action on weakening the forces of the Confederation. The ways of sabotage vary from innocent to evil and it becomes difficult for a hero to decide if it is the Confederation who is bad and the Empire who is good and not vice versa. At a certain point a hero can switch the sides and start the activity on the side of Confederation resulting in crushing the forces of the Empire and peace in the galaxy. The third storyline may begin when on the way to the demolition of the Empire and the Rebels who situate in the Confederation capital and sympathize the Empire. A hero meets the dilemma of the Rebels being good and the rest being bad so the choice is: stay with Confederation or switch to Rebels' side. Due to poor reviews when released in European countries like Germany, France and Spain, it seems the English version was cancelled.

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Level Demo 323MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
2CD ISO Demo ~1.53GB (upped by Scaryfun) NOTE: Speeches are in English, texts in Italian. An Italian to English patch has been made by Trey, it's downloadable with the ISO.

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