Savage: The Battle For Newerth S2 Games / iGames 2003

This is unique as it combines Real-Time Strategy and multiplayer First Person Shooters in the same team-based game. It's hard to learn at first because there's no offline or tutorial levels available, everything is online only. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic green Earth where humans only have limited weaponry and their rivals are ape-like beasts who can use magic. Two players serve as the commanders of their respective sides and oversee the action from a bird's-eye view and have at their fingertips an RTS interface. They must gather resources, build new structures, research new weapons and abilities, set up base defenses, expand into new regions, and coordinate a crushing attack against the enemy. The commander may select any player on his side, as though that player were a unit, and order them to attack a certain target, proceed to a certain point, repair or build a certain structure, and so on. This player, meanwhile, receives verbal orders and a path to follow but has free-roaming action. If orders are followed the commander can reward players by giving them gold, promoting them to officer status, or granting them various other benefits; if they aren't followed then their side is at risk of losing the overall battle. The troops switch between a third-person (for close-range melee weapons) and a first-person perspective (for far-range shooting weaponry). Each side has a total of five units - three progressively stronger fighters and two siege units. The graphics are pretty good and the game is fun but it depends on if your teammates and especially the commander know what they're doing. In 2006, it was released for free to promote its sequel Savage 2.
Total Conversions
 1  2 
Freeware Game v2.00e 351MB (@ Game Pressure) Manual 0.5MB (@ S2 Games)
 1  2 
ISO Demo 333MB (@ S2 Games)
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